Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'Anna Water Therapy' lures B-town girls!

Hot-bod and fitness conscious divas of the tinsel town have a reason to rejoice, courtesy Anna Hazare. Besides enlightening them about their rights in the form of his protest against corruption, Anna, they claim has taught them how to shed oodles of weight in just a week's time. And they tagged this new found fitness mantra as, ‘Anna Water Therapy'.

Interestingly, many female actors have drawn inspiration from Anna, who has lost nearly five kilos of weight, while carrying on his ‘anshan’ for eight days, thus, they are religiously following his ‘Water Therapy'. A top-notch female actor, with the condition of anonymity revealed that ‘fluid therapy’ alone can be dangerous, considering the necessary nutrients which the body needs on daily basis, so she has introduced fruits and fibres along with her water diet and can find a refreshing change in her.

The reality show girl, Liza Malik exclaims that ever since she heard the news of Anna growing thin; she quickly adapted to his ways of water therapy, and it has already started working wonders for her. A diet expert, Priya Kathpal says, “ To remain on a fluid diet can lead to serious consequences, but one can always have fruits in addition to balance it. Also, consistency is required, when it comes to a diet plan, otherwise one can have a reverse effect on the body.”

Another ‘A’ list actress, in order to avoid controversy wants to remain unnamed and claims that in order to chase your dreams, one has do compromises and what better way than ‘Anna Water Therapy,' which she feels is harmless, if one blends it with a balanced diet. Anna has been an eye-opener for not just fighting against corruption, but for us as well and that too in such a brilliant way.

Model Rozlyn Khan, who shot to fame with Matki and Dahi Handi antics too, is all game for the magical cure to retain her curves. She is of the opinion that instead of spending lavishly on gyms and diet plans, 'Anna Water Therapy' comes with no expense and gives brilliant results. Sexy siren Poonam Pandey states that starvation with just water intake and a cube of chocolate everyday is more than enough to get a sleek bod. But to maintain consistency, the intake of some solid food helps. But one thing is certain that Anna being an icon, has become our voice in every way and is being followed by one and all, even if it's just a little diest plan.

“Models and actresses might follow the starvation (anshan) way, but such ways eventually lead one to illness, which makes them fall back to a proper diet plan, which actually is the right way,” concludes another diet expert Dr. Rachna Sethi.

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